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Scanning & Scan2BIM

Laser scanning is an interesting and fast-growing field with a variety of applications. Mätkonsult uses the latest 3D scanning technology fully integrated into our surveying process. Scanning gives us the opportunity for accurate and comprehensive collection of measurement data that we process depending on the purpose.

We have extensive experience of scanning all types of objects such as industrial environments, facades, residential and office buildings as well as frames during ongoing new production.

We can then deliver the scan as a point cloud or use it to make floor plans, area calculations and altitude reports. We can also model our point clouds as IFC models, so-called Scan-2-BIM.


Scanning complements and is an addition to tradittional surveying . The great strength of scanning is the comprehensive collection of data. Instead of selecting a limited number of details to measure, the scanner captures the entire image. This enables scanning to be a usefull tool within the design and construction process.

Information can be obtained from the point cloud for new applications, by us in our broader measurement assignment in the project as well as by other subcontractors. In this way, scanning contributes to a simpler and more efficient process.