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Quality policy

We at Mätkonsult AB strive to perform surveying assignments with the greatest precision, according to your specific needs and the project's conditions. For us, precision means not only making accurate measurements but also performing them in a time-efficient way.
In order to meet the requirements placed on us, an important component is competent staff. In order to maintain the current high level of knowledge, we therefore carry out continuous training of the staff.

To constantly improve the quality of our work, we try to prevent problems before they arise. Should they nevertheless occur, we will tackle the problem at once.

It is Mätkonsult's policy to only deliver assignments with good and consistent quality, which is why the company has chosen to certify itself according to ISO9001




Work environment policy

The overall goal of the work environment at Mätkonsult is to promote safety and prevent risks at work. The work includes both the physical and the social and organizational work environment. In addition to statutory requirements set out in the Work Environment Act and the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations.

We strive for a pleasant and welcoming work environment that inspires good collaborations, high efficiency and that enables development for all employees.


In summary, our work environment work means that we can carry out our assignments in the best way and that you can be safe when you work with us. Our goal is to be our customers' first choice of surveying companies.




Gender equality plan

Mätkonsult  works actively for gender equality in the workplace. No one should be treated worse than anyone else because of their gender. The Gender Equality Act's prohibition against discrimination in recruitment, promotion, salary setting, management and distribution of work, etc. must therefore be complied with.

All employees have a responsibility to counteract discrimination. A special responsibility rests with managers who have subordinate staff. The possible occurrence of discrimination must also be reported to these managers.