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Drones are among the latest additions to our range of measuring tools. Aerial photography opens up new avenues for efficient and accurate surveying. The drone can photograph large and sometimes hard-to-reach areas in a fast and safe way. We process the images further into a number of different products that our customers benefit greatly from.


Point clouds and terrain models from aerial photography serve as a basis for planning. In these accurate, three-dimensional images, architects and designers can easily take out the dimensions they need.


The precise modeling of an area that can be done with aerial images also allows us to make volume calculations. Mätkonsult has extensive experience within volume calculation of shafts and rocks. Now the drone allows us to perform these measurements faster and better than ever before.


Another area where we can utilise drones  include APD -plans for complex construction sites. In an orthorectified photo, where the world is viewed completely straight from the top, the construction can easily be visualized. Through repeated flights, you can follow how the construction progresses.


Mätkonsult is a registered operator with the Swedish Transport Agency and has a drone driver's license in categories A1, A2 and A3